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Tropical Flowers from Far North Queensland

Set in the Basilisk Range in Boogan and surrounded by streams and bushland, Basilisk Blooms has an ideal and perfect place to growing beautiful tropical flowers. The farm was first established by  Charlie Piccolo in 1990, after diversifying from sugar cane. He tried his hand at gladiolis and then tried heleconias. being a relatively new crop to this region, Charile started small and gradually built the business up.

image2Charlie passed Basilisk Blooms down to his son, Robert, and his wife, Heidi, who have been working the land and overseeing the farm with Charlie since 1990.

The farm has survived two major cyclones, one in 2006 and another in 2011, but after some back-breaking, bounced back each time into full production. As a family, the team at Basilisk Blooms  work six to seven days a week and up to 16 hour a day to produce quality flowers.

Basilisk Blooms personally guarantee the quality of their flowers and ensure that customers are 100% satisfied with their service. They always aim to please and are happy when their flowers can put a smile on your face.